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Bridge Handled Vessel

20.5 × 3.5 × 10

The Bridge Handled Vessel is inspired by the bulbous belly and connecting arch that is commonly found in Pre-Columbian and Etruscan water vessels to act as a handle for easy carrying. A favorite from the original collection, and the inspiration for the majority of the additions and iterations in the 2020 collection.

Materials: Cast white stoneware, black underglaze, slightly textured matte black glaze. Olive oil to finish.


Peruvian terracotta Bridge Handled Jug with Bird Whistle, 1000 AD

Entry in Robert Fournier's Illustrated Dictionary of Pottery Form: "Bridge Handle: A strap handle spanning two spouts on a closed in pot. A form fairly common in preColumbian American pottery and also occuring in Etruscan wares."

Columbian Bridge Handled Vessel in the shape of a circular house. David Berstein Gallery, New York.

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