Simone Bodmer-Turner photographed by Martien Mulder, 2022.


Born in 1990 in Berkeley, California, Simone Bodmer-Turner’s multidisciplinary studio is built around the foundation of her iconic line of abstract, ceramic vases which she first introduced in 2018. Articulations of form, those debut pieces were designed as timeless works in conversation with the power of negative space. Following the founding of her studio, Simone evolved her exploration of the medium into organic ceramic sculptures, as well as paintings that are somewhere between assemblage and land art using local soil and plant material.

In 2021, Simone made her foray into furniture design introducing Chair I and in 2022 she released Chair II along with an oversized credenza and a series of one-of–a-kind lighting works that were presented as part of the artist’s first solo exhibition — Take Part In— at Matter Projects in New York. In the years that followed, Simone has moved her practice from Brooklyn, New York to rural Massachusetts where she is honing her sculptural medium, creating custom interiors in plaster, and developing a body of multidisciplinary furniture that rides the line between art and design. In the spring of 2024, she will present her second solo exhibition entitled ‘A Year Without a Kiln’ at Emma Scully Gallery. This showcase will encompass non-ceramic lighting, furniture, and an array of decorative yet functional objects.