Più Single Stem Vessel x EMMA KOHLMANN

9 × 3 × 3 / 1


We are honored to collaborate with Emma Kohlmann for our first capsule collection of illustrated forms. Painted in both our Brooklyn studio and in Emma's studio in Western Massachusetts, each piece contains embracing figurines, mythical objects, and botanical motifs colorfully portrayed across the white stoneware surface of each vessel. 25% of each sale will be donated to the South Bronx Mutual Aid.


The Single Stem Vessel is inspired by the arching neck of Pre-Columbian stirrup water vessels, but elongated and punctured to run a single stem through the center. This vessel is the foundation of the Permanent Collection of Vessels, which was designed around complimenting this form. It is intended to highlight a simple, willowy stem or vine's simplicity and elegance, and can also be used to hold a thin tapered candle. The Più Single Stem Vessel has a .5” hole through the belly.

The Più Series is, in essence, a miniature line of our most popular forms: The Single Stem Vessel, The Bridge Handled Vessel, and the Aortic Vessel. "Più" is an onomatopoeic word that sounds exactly how the pieces look, but with a twist, translates in Italian to "more". We like this play on the word whose sound mimics the feel of the piece, but also gets to the intentional root of this series; expanding on the work to make it more accessible and more varied.

Materials: Cast white stoneware, red and green underglaze, clear glossy finish.


Photographs of Karl Blossfeldt's plant specimens, found in his book "Masterworks,” 1928.

"Naxos," a painting in a series of works inspired by Cy Twombly's keen interest in Greek Mythos, 1982.

"Gros oiseau visage noir" from Picasso's collection of painted ceramic vessels, fabricated during his time spent at the Madoura Pottery in Vallauris, France c. 1946. Christie's Auction.

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