This special pair of earrings is a collaboration with the JB Blunk Estate and Permanent Collection. Blunk made the original pair in his Inverness, California studio using ivory and gold: a Valentine's Day gift for his wife, Christine Nielson.

Though Blunk hand-carved the beads from a tusk given to the couple by Nielson's mother in the 1970s, Fanny Singer and Mariah Neilson of Permanent Collection asked SBT to reinterpret the forms of the beads using clay. The result is a hand-carved ceramic by Bodmer-Turner that combines a feeling of her biomorphic sculptural style with Blunk's organic, wabi-sabi approach, fitted with fine, 18k recycled goldwork that reproduces Blunk's exactly. The bead in carved from white stoneware and finished in the signature slightly crackled, matte cream glaze.

Photographs by Sharon Radisch.

Materials: stoneware, gold.


JB Blunk house in Inverness CA photographed by Beatrice Pediconi.

JB Blunk Sculpture, #2 Arch, Redwood. 1976

© JB Blunk Estate

JB Blunk and his wife Christine Neilson, for whom the original ivory earrings were carved for. 1975.

© JB Blunk Estate

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