Valentine Vessel x EMMA KOHLMANN

13 × 8 × 4 / Full Price, Perfect Condition


We are honored to collaborate with Emma Kohlmann for our first capsule collection of illustrated forms. Painted in both our Brooklyn studio and in Emma's studio in Western Massachusetts, each piece contains embracing figurines, mythical objects, and botanical motifs colorfully portrayed across the white stoneware surface of each vessel. 25% of each sale will be donated to the South Bronx Mutual Aid.


The Valentine Vessel is our ode to one of our biggest inspirations -- the ceramicist, set designer, and interior architect Valentine Schlegel. The three-pronged necks allow for a variety of sizes of stems -- VS would have filled with dramatic tulips or lilies -- but we also love this piece standing on its own.

Materials: Cast white stoneware, red, green, and black underglaze, glossy clear finish.

*Please note that a small mark may show on the tip of the Valentine where we place a stilt to support the top of the vessel from sinking during firing.


Photographs of Karl Blossfeldt's plant specimens, found in his book "Masterworks," 1928.

"Naxos," a painting in a series of works inspired by Cy Twombly's keen interest in Greek Mythos, 1982.

"Gros oiseau visage noir" from Picasso's collection of painted ceramic vessels, fabricated during his time spent at the Madoura Pottery in Vallauris, France c. 1946. Christie's Auction.

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