Both the Permanent Collection of Vessels and the Sculptures made in Simone Bodmer-Turner Studio LLC are made by hand from USA made stoneware in our Brooklyn, New York studio. It is the nature of the human hand, and objects made by them, to be imperfect and unique, and those are characteristics that the studio celebrates and embraces as part of the creative process. Every vessel and sculpture is one of a kind, no two are exactly the same. These are objects made by humans, not a mass produced product.



The studio offers complimentary shipping on all domestic and international orders. Please be aware if you are an international client that your order may be subject to import tax. Please see below.


International VAT & Customs Duty 

If you are purchasing from a country whose borders charge duty to imported merchandise, you will be requested to pay for this import fee by the postal service, which then pays your government. 

We are too small to accept all customs charges, so instead, as of May 15th 2020, we are implementing free shipping on all domestic and international orders so that international clients only have to pay for customs.

To calculate the expected cost, use this calculator. Use 691390 as the harmonized code for ceramic vases. 



To care for your piece, please hand rinse or wash your pieces. Magic erasers will almost always remove a mark left by floral debris, but watching a piece age with use is a process we find beautiful and unique to each owner. Stoneware is a semi-porous substance, as is the nature of clay, so to prevent sweating and condensation onto a surface, allow the piece to dry out for a at least a full day before refilling with water between uses, especially in the hotter months. We advise that if your piece was made before Spring 2019, before the studio switched to slip casting pieces in a more vitrified clay body, that you place it on a water safe surface or use a coaster below it, as the original clay body we used was more porous than the line now in production. Simone Bodmer-Turner Studio LLC is not liable for marks left on surfaces that vessels may leave due to the nature of the medium.

The Sculptural body of work is not designed to hold water or flowers, and the clay is a porous type and glazed minimally so it is not watertight. Depending on the surface you intend to place it on, you may request to have felt attached to the bottom of a sculpture purchased.

Stoneware, though on the durable end of clay bodies, is susceptible to breakage if mishandled. Simone Bodmer-Turner Studio LLC is not liable for broken pieces from mishandling.

To address specific issues, please contact the studio at studio@simonebodmerturner.com.



Returns of the Permanent Collection of Vessels may be made within 10 days of receiving a piece purchased directly through Simone Bodmer-Turner Studio LLC. If you wish to return a piece, it must be undamaged, unused, and clean. Please email the studio at studio@simonebodmerturner.com before sending your piece back to confirm you are doing so, and upon shipping please send your tracking number so that we can keep track of the piece in transit. Your refund will be credited to the same card used to make the original purchase. You will receive an automated email once we’ve processed your refund. We are unable to assist with returns of pieces purchased through our stockists. Please contact the stockist directly to inquire about their return policy.

All Sculpture is final sale.