Are you still operating and shipping during the current health crisis?

Yes. We are still accepting orders, commissions, and proceeding with domestic shipping. Domestic and international shipments purchased through the site will ship out within the week of order. International shipping on commissions outside of the website is delayed because of the increased expense at the moment, and so far we have been able to keep domestic commissions on track. We are lucky to have a very small team (2 people), a 3rd to start as soon as New York is safe, that can walk a short distance to the Brooklyn studio, and have all production in house rather than relying on larger international manufacturers. We need your support now more than ever, so if you are able, we would be glad to fulfill your order or create a custom commission. 

Will I be charged VAT & Duty charges to receive my piece?

Yes, If you are purchasing from a country whose borders charge duty to imported merchandise, you will be requested to pay for this import fee by the postal service, which then pays your government. We are too small to accept all customs charges, so instead, as of May 15th 2020, we are implementing free shipping on all domestic and international orders, except for fundraiser orders, so that international clients only have to pay for customs. To calculate the expected cost, use this calculator. Use 691390 as the harmonized code for ceramic vases. 





How do I purchase?

We update clients with available sculpture for sale through our newsletter. We will send out an update with a list of available works. To be directed to our newsletter sign up, please re-load the home page.
A limited amount of pieces in the Permanent Collection of Vessels are released in the online shop every month. We are creating this line in small batches, according to what our studio is available to produce every month, and this will alter month-to-month depending on the size of other orders we are working on. If our shop is sold out, please look to our Stockists page where several retailers have online shops. 

Do you do 2nd Sales?

We do an annual 2nds Sale of pieces in the Permanent Collection of Vessels for early December but we always have 2nds in house that we cannot sell as 1sts due to glaze defects. Depending on the severity of the issue, pieces are usually sold at a 15%-50% discounted price, though most of the defects are closer to the 15% range. If you are interested in a 2nd outside of a publicly announced sale, please email to inquire about a certain form. 


Are you hiring?

We are currently hiring a summer intern for summer 2020* to assist with plaster mold pouring, cleaning, packing, and studio maintenance. Email with resumes and coverletters explaining your background and interest in the position.

All full time positions are filled at this time. 

*internship pending on development of health crisis until further notice


Do you teach workshops?

We offered workshops as part of the Kickstarter campaign and hosted several in the studio in 2019. As much as we would like to have workshops be part of our regular programming, the workshops taxed the capacity of the studio more than expected, and we will not be able to host workshops in the space this coming year.  

Are you interested in a paid partnership and collaborations with brands?

In order to maintain the integrity of the studio, Simone Bodmer-Turner Studio LLC will not support a brand that it doesn't actually use, wear, and recommend. If you inquire about sending the studio a product, we may accept if we are genuinely interested but we will not post or share received product as that is not our brand or our energy. Anything shared by the artist on social platforms is a personal decision based on the small designers and companies we believe in, support, and often know personally. We wear and use the things we love repeatedly, and are happy to share information about brands by word of mouth. We are not interested in paid partnerships where the studio is required to post or share content that is not our own.
In addition, we are not interested in trading work for content. We do support and believe in the possibility of a barter economy between artists, makers, and businesses who are able to exchange goods and services on a small and personal scale, but we do not give our work away to people running accounts with large followings in exchange for likes and follows.